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Global Unit-A is a company with the foresight to see miles ahead with bright wisdom,

uniquely positioned to seize diverse opportunities.
We are turning what once seemed like distant future possibilities into reality.

Providing next-generation distributed data storage technology services for a new internet environment,

Global Unit-A also operates a multi-platform that innovatively combines wealth management and shopping.

We are a company transforming future visions into present-day solutions.

2017 Established

7 Offices Globally

Next-Generation Wealth Management and Shopping
Convergence Platform

METABADA is a next-generation multi-platform that integrates smart spending with wealth management and shopping.
Utilizing blockchain technology, it's the world's first to implement functions like exchange, shopping, gaming, wealth management, and real-world consumption within a metaverse ecosystem.
The METABADA platform eliminates intermediary distribution stages, connecting consumers directly with producers, reducing costs while enhancing quality. It has developed a virtuous cycle ecosystem where producers become consumers, consumers become investors, and investors become producers, creating South Korea's first new digital economic environment.



We are committed to delivering excellent solutions through a variety of services.
We promise our utmost effort for the success of your business.

Marketing Support

Professional marketing support for greater brand recognition and performance in the market.

​Logistics import/export service

Providing logistics import and export services to facilitate the smooth flow of global trade, based on expertise and experience.

Customized Service Support

Develop and implement tailored strategies for clients' businesses, providing optimal solutions.




Feb 2009

True Success System, Inc.
Established in the US, Japan


Jul 2017

Initiated IPFS storage 
Technology research

Dec 2017

Global Unit-A
Established in Korea


Feb 2019

Participation in open-source phase
Ranked 1st in block creation and storage capacity

Dec 2019

Participation in IPFS Testnet Phase 1
Ranked 1st in block creation and storage capacity


May 2020
Participation in IPFS Testnet Phase 2
Ranked 1st in block creation and storage capacity

Aug 2020

Participation in IPFS Space Race
Ranked 1st in block creation and storage capacity


Feb 2021
Acquired notary public qualification
Commenced in-depth research on Real Data Storage

Jul 2021
Entered KT IDC in Korea Invested approximately $4 Million USD in server infrastructure and R&D

Daily sealing capacity of 800TiB, total storage capacity of 50PiB

Dec 2021

Storage Mining
(Real Data) Commenced


May 2022

Achieved 5PiB of Real Data Storage
Effective hash rate of 50PiB achieved

Aug 2022
Hosted Protocol Labs and Filecoin Foundation's Korea Filecoin Storage Provider Meetup


Apr 2023

Participation in Hong Kong Web 3.0 Conference, 
Proceeded discussions with Protocol Labs and about Hybrid Filecoin Cloud Node Setup in Korea

Jul 2023

Achieved 15PiB of Real Data Storage
Effective hash rate of 150PiB achieved


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